Whats Goin on

It’s no secret that this year has been particularly shitty for me. I mean it’s definitely not the worst year of my entire life but its up there. For a while, I was starting to feel like I was coming unglued but thankfully things seem like they are starting to turn around.

I have been taking some time off from working an office job to work on my general well being and figure out what it is I actually want to do with my life. I still haven’t figured it out but I don’t wanna drive my car off a bridge every day on the way to work so that is an improvement. I’ve been working full time and in school since I was a teenager and truthfully by the time I left the hotel I was burnt out and in desperate need of a break. I had spent so much time working towards a goal I wasn’t even sure I wanted that I never actually built my own life. My life became a constant circle of vodka and working jobs I hated trying to climb a corporate ladder I didn’t even want to be on and because of that I never really had any hobbies or really even knew what I liked doing.

I’ve had a pretty wild couple of weeks. I started doing standup about a month ago because I needed a hobby that didn’t involve tinder and vodka because it was becoming too awkward to tell someone that my only hobby was trolling dudes on tinder and hanging out with my dogs. It did turn out that because of my anxiety I needed to drink a fair amount of vodka to get the balls to do it and all my jokes are about my tinder experiences so when it comes to finding a hobby that didn’t involve tinder or vodka I kinda failed, but anxiety issues aside I am actually really enjoying it. Last week I did my first gig that someone actually booked me for. Which was pretty wild considering I hadn’t been doing it very long. It was live streamed on a podcast here’s the link if you’re interested. My set starts around minute 98 but there are alot of other great people worth listening to if you have time to listen to the whole thing. I started doing this with zero expectations but since I started I have met alot of really great friendly and supportive people. I have finally started to make some connections here (it only took me two years) and it’s really nice to actually be a part of something.

Last week I signed a contract with popular Instagrammer Single Babe Rebellion to be a contributor for their blog which is super exciting. The page is followed by over 15 thousand people so I guess I better learn how to spell and work on my grammar issues. My first article will go live this week. I started my True Life Tinder page as well as this blog as kind of a joke to share my dating disasters and possibly the lessons I learned along the way but mostly because it was all so hilarious I couldn’t keep it to myself. I never in a million years thought it would actually turn into anything other than maybe someone other than me laughing at my jokes for a change.

But the most exciting thing to happen to me lately is that a couple weeks ago I got engaged. Just kidding, but a drunk guy I was waiting on did get on one knee and straight up propose to me last Friday night. This random drunk strangers proposal was 10x more romantic than when my ex-husband proposed to me though. Honestly, I am slightly salty about that like damn had I known that strange men were gonna pull off better proposals than him I would have definitely said no which would have saved me a ton of time energy and aggravation in my life.

All jokes aside I am really happy with the direction of my life right now. I probably will never get to the top of the corporate ladder, and I probably won’t make nearly as much money as I could have if I had but I’m ok with that. I am really happy to finally be figuring out what I like doing and to actually have the time to do it, and my dogs are really happy that I am around to spend more time with them so that’s a nice added bonus. Also, I started saving for my move and so far I have about a thousand dollars which is a huge deal for me considering I have never had more than 16$ in my savings account so I am super proud of it



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