Thank U, Next

Unfortunately, things with that guy I had that really good date with didn’t work out. It wasn’t entirely shocking and we had a couple of really nice weeks together until he decided he would rather go back to his ex than continue dating me. Of course, it was two days before Christmas so his timing was impeccable.

Like I said it wasn’t a shock I kind of saw it coming, we had been spending a good amount of time together so I felt like I had gotten to know him fairly well and when he came over Wednesday he just seemed different. Almost like he would have rather been anywhere but with me and when I asked him why he seemed so off he said he was just tired, which I understood we had spent a couple of really late nights together and he was the type of guy who was in bed by 10 every night so it was more than fair that he would have been feeling a little off.

But in the days that followed he continued acting super weird and cold. I knew he wasn’t feeling well so I brushed it off as a symptom of man cold and honestly I had had a really terrible weekend at work so I figured I was probably being kind of sensitive, I was gonna give it a couple more days before I asked him again why he was acting so weird. Sunday night after a particularly bad day at work I texted him to see how he was feeling and to let him know that I was skipping my work Christmas party and would be around if he needed anything, we talked a little about what a shitty day I’d had and then he let me know that he and his ex had decided to get back together and that he hoped I would “find happiness”.

I was upset for like five minutes but mostly because what kind of person hears about someone’s miserable day and then immediately breaks up with them? Especially two days before Christmas. Like I am pretty sure this whole thing with his ex didn’t just pop up out of nowhere, but honestly fine if he wants to go back to his ex far be it from me to stop him. I mean if history has taught me anything it’s that going back to your ex never works out but that’s his mistake to make and there is no chance that I am ever going to put myself in a situation where I need to compete with another woman ever again, especially a woman who he had described to me as “comfortable”.  Comfortable is an ugly thing in relationships. I stayed for four years in an unhappy relationship because it was comfortable. I was miserable but I was comfortable and for a while, that was enough for me, until it wasn’t anymore.

I mean shitty timing aside I’m glad it happened now instead of five months from now because whether she texted him last week or six months from now the end result would’ve been the same and at least now I could return his Christmas present and get my $15 back. As if getting dumped by a guy you really liked two days before Christmas on one of the worst days you’ve had in a while wasn’t bad enough I was ambushed by family Christmas. I thought I was just going to spend it with my immediate family but I found out on Christmas Eve the whole family was coming and within the first half hour of being there, my aunt had let me know that the reason I can’t find a good man is that my boobs are too big. As if that’s something I can help.

I mean I’m sad, it sucks when you meet someone you really connect with and they just drop you on your face, but I’m happy too because I was really starting to feel like I wasn’t going to find someone I was going to be able to connect with. Sex is easy, but finding someone you can have a conversation with and talk about the hard things without feeling judged that’s hard and I’ve gone through alot of shit that’s hard to talk about and hard for any man to look at as anything other than baggage, and maybe he thought I had baggage too but he never treated it like that. It’s ok that it didn’t work out, I was going to be happy either way because I learned a long time ago not to let my happiness depend on another person. The point to dating is to find someone who adds to the happiness you already have, that happiness needs to come from you and if you can’t create your own happiness you aren’t going to be happy with the person your with and it doesn’t matter if its the ex you keep going back to or meet someone new.

I’ll miss him and his dog ( mostly his dog at this point) honestly, I think I feel more rejected than anything else and that sucks, but I have another date tonight and we all know the best way to get over someone is to get over someone else so I guess we’ll see what happens.

Follow Through

I don’t think I’ve given enough attention on this blog to good dates. I mostly just write about the comically bad ones because they are obviously the ones that are the most fun to write about but I almost never give honorable mention to the ones that are good. To be honest there haven’t been to many of them. Most of the time I just wanted them to end only to never talk to him again. I’ve always found something about the guy or the date that was a turnoff or a red flag but for the first time ever I went out with someone and I didn’t find anything.

I normally take all my first dates to the same bar, just Incase he murders me but he didn’t drink and I mentioned I’d never been to the ecotarium which is literally 3 minutes from my house so we opted to go there. I figured it was safe, it would be difficult to turn someone into a skin suit in a place frequented by families and small children. Plus no one gets murdered at 2pm. I’ve never had a first date that wasn’t at least a little awkward but this felt so natural and he was just as enthused as I was by the dik-dik antelope exhibit so when we’d stretched our time at the ecotarium long enough that it didn’t make sense to stay there we decided to go for coffee.

I think we probably stayed at that coffee shop for five hours talking. We never ran out of things to talk about it was weird because it never felt like I was meeting a stranger from the internet for the first time, he felt like someone I had known my entire life. We stayed in that coffee shop for so long that we decided to get dinner, I trusted that he wasn’t gonna murder me so much that I even let him drive me to dinner. By the time we left each other, it was midnight and we had been together since 2.

It feels weird to say this after only spending a small amount of time with someone but this guy is actually a person I could see myself having a relationship with. Over the weekend I was having a really bad day and told him I needed a hug and he offered to drive the two hours round trip to my job to give me a hug if it would make me feel better. I literally cried, partially because I was having a terrible day but also because my last two relationships were really bad, those guys barely treated me with the bare minimum of basic human kindness and this guy was willing to drive an hour each way to come give me a hug. It was probably time nicest thing a guy has ever said to me, I never would have let him do it but just the fact that he was willing to is more than anyone else has ever been willing to do.

I’m trying really hard not to think too much at this stage and just enjoy things for what they are right now which for a serial overthinker is tough to do. All I’ve ever really wanted in a relationship was for someone to be nice to me, meet me halfway, and to have their shit together and he seems to do all the little things that I’d always hoped someone was gonna do. I hadn’t planned to meet anyone, I mean I wasn’t opposed to it but I wasn’t expecting it especially not on tinder. Who knows, maybe in a few months I’ll be able to say I found love in a hopeless place but for now I am simply enjoying spending time together.

Don’t trust me

It’s no big secret that I have definitely had my fair share of casual sex, and that I fully support a woman doing whatever and whoever she wants and in 2018 I thought that was a thing that everyone supported but I guess there is still a small group of (mostly) men who still have some sort of archaic opinion on dating and what women should and should not be doing with their bodies.

Last week my first article for Single Babe Rebellion went live (you can read it here) it was my opinion on whether or not I thought a woman should have sex on the first date. Obviously, I took the pro side because I have been doing whatever I want since long before it was acceptable. I was super proud and excited about this article so I shared it on my facebook page and this got alot of attention. While most of the feedback was positive from both men and women there have always got to be a couple of guys who disagreed.

One person said he felt like this article has been done “by every woman who is loose with her body”, and maybe that’s true but if it had in fact been done so many times by so many people IMG_5780then why is it still a discussion? Then there were people like this guy (in the image below) who still think they “can’t take a woman seriously gives it up on the first date”? Honestly really what is the difference between a man who has sex on the first date and a woman who has sex on the first date and who the fuck uses the term “loose with her body”? Are these women having sex alone?

I’ll be honest, I’m significantly less “loose with my body” now than I ever have been but the only reason for that is simply because I got tired of wasting time on lame dick when I could’ve been asleep. 9 times out of 10 casual sex is bad and I end up having to go home and get myself off anyway so why am I gonna waste time when I could be sleeping in the middle of my bed like a starfish on someone who doesn’t put in the effort to get me off anyway? There are alot of men out there with alot of opinions on women and what they should do with their bodies who don’t actually know the first thing about satisfying a woman. Some of them are teachable but most of them are just running around lying about the size of their dicks and calling women who sleep with them sluts

It doesn’t stop at my facebook friends. I started thinking about all the things that men have called me on dating sites just for being who I am. Today a guy told me I was tooImage-1 slutty for him after I gave him my reasoning for why I wasn’t into casual sex. Not that I needed to explain myself to him but I don’t think enough tinder guys know that most of them aren’t actually getting women off so realistically I thought I was doing him a service by letting him know about all the orgasms I’ve faked when hooking up with men like himself who take girls on dates but expect to get blowjobs in the car after, I was mostly kidding, because who has that much time to fake that many orgasms but obviously he didn’t get the joke and told me I was too slutty. It’s kind of ironic to be told your too slutty for a guy who is only looking to hookup. Also how slutty is too slutty? How do I know if I’ve actually crossed this line? Is there a sluttiness happy medium I should be looking for?

Everyone has a past and I highly doubt that most people are sitting around twiddling their thumbs waiting to meet someone worth having sex with but why are some of us expected to hide it?  Also, I have to wonder, did it ever occur to these men that we don’t want to be taken seriously by them? I’ve said it many times before, I can go to the grocery store and find sex I don’t need to go on a date with a guy and pretend to want to get to know him for three hours to get laid and if you are really interested in a girl why are you even trying to sleep with her the first time you meet her anyway? I have almost never initiated sex with men I’ve just met but yet I have never had a hard time finding it. The last thing I want in a relationship is to be with someone who makes me feel like less of a person for the things I did before I met them unless the things I did before I met them include murder or something. I don’t want to be with some judgey asshole who can’t take me seriously for doing exactly the same thing they did at exactly the same time they were doing it.


All My Exes Live in Texas

Two months ago I was supposed to meet a guy I had been seeing for brunch at this restaurant I had been dying to try ( read that post here). I had suspected he was going to blow me off that day, so I had already planned on going by myself when he texted me an hour before we were supposed to meet up claiming he “wasn’t feeling well” and asked if we could reschedule. He must have come down with the “I just got laid” flu and died because that was the last time I ever heard from him. I was a little bummed because the sex was great but I wasn’t sure how I felt about hi so I guess I really didn’t care. I grabbed myself a bottle of champagne and went to brunch alone.

I sat at the bar and was finishing my bottle and my benedict when two girls with suitcases sat down next to me. We started talking and they mentioned they were originally from Texas, I told them I had always wanted to go to but wasn’t sure where to go or what I’d do when I got there. They made me a list of things to do in Austin and at that point it was time for them to leave. I decided to see how much a flight to Austin would cost and if it was cheap enough I was gonna go. An hour and $150 later I posted on Snapchat that I had accidentally drank too much champagne at brunch and booked a trip to Austin. A girl I had met at a bar a few months prior messaging me saying she had always wanted to go so I invited her.

I wasn’t really sure what was gonna happen on a trip with a girl I didn’t really know that well. My family really thought I was crazy and that I was probably going to get murdered or that I was being friendship catfished (is that a thing?). I honestly wasn’t even sure she was really going to go  but I wasn’t worried I was going either way and even if we didn’t end up getting along (which we did) at the very least we both got to go on a cool trip and we got to save on the hotel room and if we never saw each other again after that was gonna be fine.

My trip started with two flight delays. I had been super excited because I was going to be sitting I a row by myself. 20 minutes before my flight started boarding I noticed they had changed my seat which I was super displeased about until I realized that I was going to be sitting in business class with no one next to me. It was a redeye and by the time I got into Austin it was 1:30 am so I was thrilled to have the extra space. Plus I got to watch crazy rich Asians and cry and no one was sitting next to me judging my tears so that was cool. Guys, I was so spoiled I don’t know if I can ever go back to coach. I mean I’m gonna have to because I really can’t afford to fly anything other than coach but like I’m gonna be sad about it. Your girl was so spoiled.

This trip was wild. I have never really traveled with another person aside from a couple IMG_5980bachelorette parties and two-day road trip I took to see my favorite band so I wasn’t totally sure what to expect but I was really glad I did. I probably ended up doing a lot more because she was there than I would have done if I had been there on my own. Have you ever been so hungover that you threw up in the lobby of your hotel and the front desk agent had to hold your hair for you? That was my Tuesday morning.

Monday I started my day with breakfast margaritas at a restaurant called Juan in a million. It was honestly probably the best margarita I’ve ever had. After breakfast, we went to Graffiti Park and the Austin Zoo. I know people aren’t wild about Zoo’s but most of these animals came from situations where they were kept as pets by people who totally should not have been keeping tigers and monkeys as pets, obviously these animals could not have been released into the wild after being kept as pets so they ended up at the Austin Zoo. We got to feed llamas and deer and goats so that was pretty awesome too.

Grafitti Park was very cool. There are alot of really great murals. My friend went to the IMG_5987top of it but I stayed on the ground (not a fan of heights) and the more I looked at the murals the more things I noticed that I didn’t originally see at first look. Sadly Grafitti Park (also known as Hope Outdoor Gallery) is set to be demolished in January but it looks like they will be building a new park in the spring.

After we went to the zoo and graffiti park we did some shopping on S. Congress street. There was a super cool costume store called Lucy in Disguise with Diamonds that was recommended to us by our Uber driver and worth checking out if you’re ever in the area. We had a late lunch at a place called Guerros. Great tacos and the margaritas were decent but nowhere near as good as the one I had at Juan’s, I think that first one at breakfast spoiled me. After that, we went to Rainey Street which is basically a bunch of old houses that were converted to bars with cool outdoor patios. That was where the real fun started.

We hit three bars on Rainey street one of which had a slide and a claw machine full of dildos. I never knew I needed a claw machine full of dildos in my life until I had a claw machine full of dildos in my life. I mean I didn’t win anything (we weren’t carrying cash) but I still appreciated that I had the option. The last bar we headed to was the best (and IMG_5978cheapest). Immediately after we got there some guy (wearing a wedding ring) sat down at our table and started telling my friend and me about his foot fetish. It turned out that he actually just wanted someone to rub his feet because his feet hurt from an accident and we had to explain to him the difference between wanting someone to rub your feet and actually having a foot fetish.  That would’ve been ok except then he started telling my friend he was gonna be her sugar daddy and how his wife doesn’t love him. Finally, his friends came and rescued us from him and shortly after that my friend decided to call it an early night. I still had a drink so I decided to move to the bar where I befriended the (really attractive) bartender. I had planned to go see the Congress Street bats but apparently, they are in Mexico for the season so I asked him what else I could do at this time of night. I think he thought my friend ditched me or something because he started feeding me vodka drinks (after I had already cashed out) and eventually invited me to sleep at his house. Normally that would seem super weird but he was really friendly about it like he wasn’t actually hitting on me we were really going to sleep. I didn’t go, Instead, I found myself at VooDoo Donuts at 3am. The donuts were just ok, nothing to write home about and eating donuts at 3am probably contributed to my downfall.

I woke up super hungover and decided to go down to the lobby for some Gatorade. We were headed to San Antonio for the day and I wasn’t gonna let my hangover ruin any of my short trip so I was really trying to rally. But I think the motion of the elevator got me because as soon as I stepped off the elevator I was found myself puking into a trashcan while the front desk agent held my hair. That guy was seriously the real MVP. He could’ve just left me alone in my own self-inflicted pain but he brought me some water and helped me get my Gatorade and sent me on my way.

Guys I was in pain. I have been hungover before but I don’t think I’ve ever been that hung over. Somehow I was able to rally and we made it to San Antonio and honestly, I was pretty proud of my rallying abilities. We didn’t rent a car for the trip but we needed one to get to San Antonio so we had to pick the car up at the airport. That process was kind of a disaster. We waited in line for over an hour and when we finally got to the spot they told us to go to pick up our car we found a guy sitting in the driver’s seat driving away. The whole process took about an hour and a half but we finally got to San Antonio around 3:30 which was a little later than we wanted to get there.

We went to the Alamo which was pretty interesting but I will say that I was slightly disappointed at the lack of people yelling REMEMBER THE ALAMO but that would’ve been disrespectful as it was a pretty solemn place, so I guess it makes sense that no one IMG_5977was yelling anything. After we toured the Alamo we went to the river walk which was awesome. Lots of cool restaurants and shopping and it was really pretty. It was definitely different from what I was expecting but better than what I was expecting. I thought it was going to be more like a beach boardwalk, kinda like the boardwalk at Hampton beach but maybe not as dirty.  We did a little shopping, got some Texas BBQ and a couple of drinks and headed back to Austin.

I was still hung over at 9pm so we considered skipping 6th street but after a trip to the hotel bar we changed our minds and headed out. We wound up at this cool divey bar where a bartender named Cracker made us take shots called “Crack Snacks” two of those and three cocktails later it was definitely time to head to bed because I was not trying to have a repeat of the morning. My friend left after breakfast and since my flight wasn’t until much later today, I decided to explore more of 6th and Congress street. I got some pizza and some German Pretzels and headed to the airport.

Austin was great, definitely one of the best-drunk decisions I’ve ever made. I think I’d like to come back and see more of it when the weather is a little warmer but there are so many other places I want to see and since I will be leaving for Florida in the not so distant future I am holding off on spending any more money or booking any more flights until I’ve figured out exactly where I’m going to end up. Though Ireland is really cheap in March so if I can get the money together I think I will head there for a few days. All in all, I would give Austin 10/10 stars would do it again but probably would rent a car next time to make getting around faster and easier. We stayed on 6th so we were fairly close to everything but between it being kind of cold and my old ankle injury we wound up taking a bunch of ubers which got pricey especially if you plan to go to the zoo. We did get some good recommendations from a couple of our drivers so that in itself was worth it.