Don’t trust me

It’s no big secret that I have definitely had my fair share of casual sex, and that I fully support a woman doing whatever and whoever she wants and in 2018 I thought that was a thing that everyone supported but I guess there is still a small group of (mostly) men who still have some sort of archaic opinion on dating and what women should and should not be doing with their bodies.

Last week my first article for Single Babe Rebellion went live (you can read it here) it was my opinion on whether or not I thought a woman should have sex on the first date. Obviously, I took the pro side because I have been doing whatever I want since long before it was acceptable. I was super proud and excited about this article so I shared it on my facebook page and this got alot of attention. While most of the feedback was positive from both men and women there have always got to be a couple of guys who disagreed.

One person said he felt like this article has been done “by every woman who is loose with her body”, and maybe that’s true but if it had in fact been done so many times by so many people IMG_5780then why is it still a discussion? Then there were people like this guy (in the image below) who still think they “can’t take a woman seriously gives it up on the first date”? Honestly really what is the difference between a man who has sex on the first date and a woman who has sex on the first date and who the fuck uses the term “loose with her body”? Are these women having sex alone?

I’ll be honest, I’m significantly less “loose with my body” now than I ever have been but the only reason for that is simply because I got tired of wasting time on lame dick when I could’ve been asleep. 9 times out of 10 casual sex is bad and I end up having to go home and get myself off anyway so why am I gonna waste time when I could be sleeping in the middle of my bed like a starfish on someone who doesn’t put in the effort to get me off anyway? There are alot of men out there with alot of opinions on women and what they should do with their bodies who don’t actually know the first thing about satisfying a woman. Some of them are teachable but most of them are just running around lying about the size of their dicks and calling women who sleep with them sluts

It doesn’t stop at my facebook friends. I started thinking about all the things that men have called me on dating sites just for being who I am. Today a guy told me I was tooImage-1 slutty for him after I gave him my reasoning for why I wasn’t into casual sex. Not that I needed to explain myself to him but I don’t think enough tinder guys know that most of them aren’t actually getting women off so realistically I thought I was doing him a service by letting him know about all the orgasms I’ve faked when hooking up with men like himself who take girls on dates but expect to get blowjobs in the car after, I was mostly kidding, because who has that much time to fake that many orgasms but obviously he didn’t get the joke and told me I was too slutty. It’s kind of ironic to be told your too slutty for a guy who is only looking to hookup. Also how slutty is too slutty? How do I know if I’ve actually crossed this line? Is there a sluttiness happy medium I should be looking for?

Everyone has a past and I highly doubt that most people are sitting around twiddling their thumbs waiting to meet someone worth having sex with but why are some of us expected to hide it?  Also, I have to wonder, did it ever occur to these men that we don’t want to be taken seriously by them? I’ve said it many times before, I can go to the grocery store and find sex I don’t need to go on a date with a guy and pretend to want to get to know him for three hours to get laid and if you are really interested in a girl why are you even trying to sleep with her the first time you meet her anyway? I have almost never initiated sex with men I’ve just met but yet I have never had a hard time finding it. The last thing I want in a relationship is to be with someone who makes me feel like less of a person for the things I did before I met them unless the things I did before I met them include murder or something. I don’t want to be with some judgey asshole who can’t take me seriously for doing exactly the same thing they did at exactly the same time they were doing it.


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