Follow Through

I don’t think I’ve given enough attention on this blog to good dates. I mostly just write about the comically bad ones because they are obviously the ones that are the most fun to write about but I almost never give honorable mention to the ones that are good. To be honest there haven’t been to many of them. Most of the time I just wanted them to end only to never talk to him again. I’ve always found something about the guy or the date that was a turnoff or a red flag but for the first time ever I went out with someone and I didn’t find anything.

I normally take all my first dates to the same bar, just Incase he murders me but he didn’t drink and I mentioned I’d never been to the ecotarium which is literally 3 minutes from my house so we opted to go there. I figured it was safe, it would be difficult to turn someone into a skin suit in a place frequented by families and small children. Plus no one gets murdered at 2pm. I’ve never had a first date that wasn’t at least a little awkward but this felt so natural and he was just as enthused as I was by the dik-dik antelope exhibit so when we’d stretched our time at the ecotarium long enough that it didn’t make sense to stay there we decided to go for coffee.

I think we probably stayed at that coffee shop for five hours talking. We never ran out of things to talk about it was weird because it never felt like I was meeting a stranger from the internet for the first time, he felt like someone I had known my entire life. We stayed in that coffee shop for so long that we decided to get dinner, I trusted that he wasn’t gonna murder me so much that I even let him drive me to dinner. By the time we left each other, it was midnight and we had been together since 2.

It feels weird to say this after only spending a small amount of time with someone but this guy is actually a person I could see myself having a relationship with. Over the weekend I was having a really bad day and told him I needed a hug and he offered to drive the two hours round trip to my job to give me a hug if it would make me feel better. I literally cried, partially because I was having a terrible day but also because my last two relationships were really bad, those guys barely treated me with the bare minimum of basic human kindness and this guy was willing to drive an hour each way to come give me a hug. It was probably time nicest thing a guy has ever said to me, I never would have let him do it but just the fact that he was willing to is more than anyone else has ever been willing to do.

I’m trying really hard not to think too much at this stage and just enjoy things for what they are right now which for a serial overthinker is tough to do. All I’ve ever really wanted in a relationship was for someone to be nice to me, meet me halfway, and to have their shit together and he seems to do all the little things that I’d always hoped someone was gonna do. I hadn’t planned to meet anyone, I mean I wasn’t opposed to it but I wasn’t expecting it especially not on tinder. Who knows, maybe in a few months I’ll be able to say I found love in a hopeless place but for now I am simply enjoying spending time together.

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