DeJa Vu

If you know anything about me you know that since  I moved to this city you know I have probably dated or slept with (but mostly dated)  about 2/3 of the age-appropriate male population. When I first started doing this co-worker told me to be careful because even if it was a big city it was more like a small town and I was bound to run into these guys again. I just kind of brushed it off, and honestly forgot about it until I got a job working in a bar in the city. I have only worked there two days but so far my friend’s warning has ended up being true. I have run into these guys and it has for sure been awkward.

The first night I worked there I ran into a guy who was friends with a girl I used to hang out with. I had slept with his roommate two years ago but every time I ran into him he felt the need to bring it up like some sort of condescending asshole. I never liked this guy and I wasn’t sad when I no longer hung out with that girl and didn’t need to see him anymore. Of course, he shows up at the bar on my first day and proceeds to tell anyone he comes into contact with about how the bartender fucked his roommate. To be honest it was so long ago I barely even remember doing it so clearly this guy doesn’t have much going on if he feels the need to tell anyone who would listen about sex that he wasn’t even involved in. That wasn’t a big deal, I can deal with that. I am not ashamed of anything I’ve done. Its 2019 everyone has sex, to be honest, he made himself look like an idiot more than anything else. I know that wasn’t the goal but that was what he did.

Last night I started my first shift alone the third customer that walks in is this guy that looks super familiar. I was pretty sure he was a guy I had gone on a bad date and had equally bad sex with ( read about that date here). It had been a while and he wasn’t acting awkward or like he recognized me at all so I figured he probably wasn’t him. Even if it was there was nothing I could do about it, I still had to serve him so I decided to make the best of it. We got to talking about how I got the job and the fact that I do standup comedy and he asked me which famous comedians I liked the best. I answered him the way I usually do “honestly I never really followed it, I just needed a hobby that didn’t include tinder and vodka so here I am”. Finally, he goes “yeah I saw you on tinder once, I swiped right” thank god my back was to him because it took everything I had in me not to be like “fucking duh dude you have literally been inside me”.

I’m not sure if he really doesn’t remember me or if he was just trying to not make things weird because honestly, the guy is a total asshole and totally average so I can’t imagine he is getting laid that often that he would forget having sex with a whole person if he ran into them. I kept hoping he was going to leave but he stayed until I closed the bar down and my boss confirmed that he is a regular there so this is bound to get interesting.

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